GFA Third Division qualifiers: ill-fated Bakau team crash out

Monday, February 25, 2008
Bakau have bowed out of the GFA Third Division qualifier competition after a 0-1 defeat by Serrekunda East flag bearer, Flamenins, on Saturday.

The Serrekunda East side were given the whole three points when their opponents from Serrekunda West failed to show-up in their first match and Saturday’s overwhelming victory over  Bakau saw them qualified from the triangular tournament.

The ill-prepared Bakau side were selected by the two-man Bakau Sports Committee  to represent the town at the expense of Vidar FC - the legitimate candidates.

The sports committee’s unilateral decision was greeted with bitter protest from Bakau football fraternity with many branding the Ebrima Jallow-led committee as an enemy of Bakau football.

And expectedly, the team’s premature elimination from the competition was no surprise to many fans.

“This is a team was formed just one week back to represent Bakau at the expense of a side that have been training for over three months. So it is no surprise that they crash out and I’m even delighted that they fail,” revealed an angry fan.

Author: by Nanama Keita