Contribution of VOIP in the present stand of Web Hosting

Monday, February 25, 2008

At present condition there is no head to stand in front of Voice over Internet Protocol VOIP) and internet telephony in common. This technology has reached to a sort of crescendo right across the overall internet world within a little span of time and currently stands as a red flag in front of old well established phone companies across the world and in the land of communications and telecommunications in the manner which everyone knew. In the course VOIP has effected web hosting in several ways, as mentioned below:

a. One of the important contributions of VOIP is that it has located demands on web hosting which was absent earlier. It requires not only stable and extremely reliable link but also requires brilliant service from a web host as supportive for effective output. It is a fact that now-a-days corporate world has swiftly embraced VOIP, saving immense fortunes in phone company bills and associated costs and has intended that the hosting enterprises which are better had only got advantage from it.

B. while dealing with non-VOIP web hosting it is quite a simple task to get rid from careless and unreliable services. Specifically with VOIP, and most important where most corporate companies needs communications lines to be left open every time, careless or poor quality web hosting enterprises are immediately found out and stopped. It is a fact from the early days of web hosting where many web host servers were located in cellars somewhere and school dorms. It was driven by majority of people to opt it as a hobby which was for them an extremely profitable part-time work that needs no attention from the busy schedule and vigilance could be given by the user in the free time.

These people restricted to that level of service because the Internet was a latest thing launched in that period of time. In addition too, due to lack of sufficient knowledge in those days majority of people were not very much concerned about it, it is best to left the user alone fully understood the impact of web hosting. Thus just being not able to get through a website was not really considered a big issue.

One can say that, today’s webmasters have progressed a lot, as these days webmasters flows money and valuable time like water to magnetize some amount of traffic and bear tension very soon as traffic unable to reach their site for any reason. This means they are not only losing the money but also diminishing their repute in front of public.

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