MSSS ex-students Association revived

Monday, July 7, 2008
The members of the Muslim Senior Secondary School Ex-student Association, on June 15, gathered at the school grounds at Banjul to revitalise and elect a new executive committee for the association. The revitalisation cames at a time when the members felt that the former executive members were not fuctioning as expected of them, due to their engagement in other activities.

The association, which has been in existence since 1975, has accomodated over twenty-thousand graduates from the school. Over the years, the association has also been playing a leading role in creating mutual understanding and relationship between its members and the school.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Muhammed Bah, the recently elected vice president of the association expounded that the new executive members of the association are committed to their duties, because they feel that they owe the school an obligation.   

"The association used to lobby for funds for the needy students of the school to continue their education and it also engages in cleansing exercises at the school,"  Bah noted.

He challenged the members of the association, especially those at The Gambia College and GTTI, where most of its members are, to come forward and embrace the association, citing that with unity, they can all progress. He then assured the members of the association that his executive members will do their best to deliver as expected of them, stating that it was out of trust and confidence that the members elected them as executives of the association.

He finally urged others to be attending the activities of the association because they are part and parcel of the association.

Author: by Amadou Jallow