GAWFA disburses over D550,000 to women’s groups

Monday, July 7, 2008
The Gambia Women’s Finance Association (GAWFA), recently disbursed over five hundred and fifty thousand dalasis (550,000), to various women’s groups in Sami District, in the Central River Region (CRR)and also to other women groups in Wuli and Sandu in the Upper River Region (URR), respectively.

Speaking to the beneficiaries during the disbursement process, Ebrima Ganno, GAWFA’s branch manager for CRR and URR, advised the beneficiaries to use the loan for the purpose for which it was requested.

Mr Ganno called on the women to continue their business partnership with GAWFA, adding that it is a micro-finance institution, aimed at supporting women and thereby contributing towards the socio-economic development of The Gambia.

He outlined the need for women to join GAWFA and continue their savings, in order to enjoy the excellent financial services that GAWFA has created for them.

Mr Ganno also revealed that a lot of opportunities and benefits are in the offing for Gambian women. He called on all the women groups in the area to join GAWFA and reap the fruits of their labour.

Mrs Deja Mbackeh of Karantaba Torro, who spoke on behalf of the beneficiaries, assured GAWFA’s management that the loans would be paid back on time.

She thanked GAWFA for providing such assistance to them and called on the women to join this very important micro-finance institution.

The disbursement programme was attended by GAWFA loan officers, alkalos, women groups and a cross-section of the community.

Author: by Assan Sallah