Christopher Badjie cross-examined by defence

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Christopher Badjie the complainant in the ongoing NIA case was on Monday cross-examined by the defence lawyers, Kebba Sanyang and Lamin Camara.

The two NIA officers are Demba Sowe and Baboucarr Jallow, who are facing charges of conspiracy, theft and abuse of office before the Bundung Magistrates Court. Testifying before Acting Principal Magistrate Kumba Sillah-Camara, Christopher Badjie informed the court that he lives in Foni Basse and is a Jola but unfortunately cannot speak the language.

Christopher deny that while under detention at the NIA, a safe was brought from his house to the NIA headquarters which he himself opened. Lawyer Kebba Sanyang put it to him that PW1, Sheriff Wadda, mentioned in his evidence in chief that he and another officer were ordered to go and bring a safe from his house to the NIA. To this, the complainant responded in the negative.

Lawyer Sanyang then asked him if he knows someone called Abdou Colley. He responded in the positive. Lawyer Sanyang further asked him if he knew that during his arrest and detention at the NIA, Abdou Colley was accompanied to his residence in Bundung Six Junction by Sheriff Wadda, Alpha Loum and Abdoulie Saidykhan to collect the safe. He said he had no idea.

At that juncture, the case was adjourned to Tuesday April l. Lawyer Buba Bojang stood in for the state.
Author: by Salifu M. Touray