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.geographical media is a multi-national Canadian / Gambian based technology company specialized in Website Design, Internet Sales and Marketing with local and international clients and a strong interest in Africa.

We are working towards connecting and exposing African newspapers through our existing and growing network. We believe, information from all across Africa should be easily accessible, findable and connected in a fun and organized way.

.geographical media builds websites for African newspapers and other daily, weekly or monthly publications for free to build up and extend its network and to provide exposure of Africa-related content.

Why get a website on the .geographical media network?

• Each publisher gets a high quality website of their own, managed and hosted by .geographical media for free
• You are able to earn money immediately through advertising with your website.  .geographical media can help with the setup of successfull advertising programs through international affiliate programs and local sales. 
• You maintain the copyright and ownership of all your content 100%
• Each website is integrated into an interconnected network of websites (.geographical media Network) so you get maximum exposure, website traffic and high Google page ranking through hundreds or thousands of inbound links coming from other websites
• Your uploaded content is used to market itself by showing up on your own website as well as on “Related Items” on Community sites on the .geographical media network, organised by topic and geographical location.
• The more articles you upload the more links you will have pointing at your website.
• You have complete control over the design and content and can be flexible and independent by making your own changes to your website with the easy management system.

Publisher Requirements:
To qualify for the "Publish Africa" program Partner companies must meet the following requirements before website construction may begin:

• The publisher must be a newspaper, or other daily, weekly or monthly publication which has been in print for greater than one year of operation.
• The publisher must be a registered corporation in the country
• The publisher must be currently producing electronic copies of all printed materials.  (The publication is being created on a computer, not on a typewriter)   
• The publisher must have a consistent, reliable internet connection available from their main office and a dedicated computer to access it. 
• The publisher must have a full-time employed staff member who will be responsible for updating the website with each new release of the newspaper/publication.
• The publisher must choose and register a domain name for the website.
• The publisher must allocate a contact person who is readily available to .geographical media for the answering of questions and review/signoff of work.

.geographical media Services:
.geographical media will perform the following services for the Partner if approved for the "Publish Africa" program:

• Website Construction using the .geographical media system and your input.
• Consulting on how to monetize the website (support to set up Google and other affiliate programs)
• Provide access to a web interface detailing website traffic.
• Hosting of the website
• Up to 5 email addresses at your domain name
• Ongoing search engine optimization
• Support services when problems occur

All these services are free!

Become part of the .geographical media network and get maximum exposure of your website and articles!

Contact us! Send us an email for more information and to get started. Use the Contact Box below.              

Current Members

The Point
The Point Newspaper in Gambia
The Daily Observer
The Daily Observer in Gambia
Media Agenda Gambia
Media Agenda Gambia