Libya / Gambia Relationship Flourishes

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In what could be described as yet another boost for the cordial relationship between Libya and The Gambia was the donation of 30 tonnes of food items and clothing for the needy in the country.

The items were loaded in a special cargo flight known as ST AQR Trans Attico Cargo which arrived at the Banjul international airport just few minutes after 10:00pm in a direct flight from Tripoli, Libya.
It’s said that out of the 30 tonnes,15 tonnes is food items such as rice, cooking oil, flower and tomato paste, whilst the other 15 tonnes comprise of clothing for women, men and childrens' wear.

The Point was informed that the donation was made possible through the Libyan Fund for Aid and Development in Africa, the body responsible for collecting monies from individuals and institutions in Libya to help the poor countries in Africa.

Marked on the items is “Assistance from the great Jamahiriya to the Brotherly Gambian people”.
Speaking at the official presentation ceremony held at the airport on Thursday morning, Mr Muhammad Gammati, Deputy Libyan Ambassador to The Gambia, said the aid is part of the cooperation between the two countries and people. He said that the donation that is made ahead of the Eid-al-Fitr, known as Koriteh, is meant to strengthen the cordial relationship between the people of Great Jamahiriya and the Republic of The Gambia. “This relationship that has been developed by the leadership of the two countries is manifested in this donation”.

He promised that donations of this kind would continue and sustainable. Deputy Libyan envoy expresses that the donation would enhance the relationship between Tripoli and Banjul.
For his part, Mr Ebou Sillah Protocol Officer, at the department of State for Foreign Affairs, thanked the Libyan people for the donation while describing it as timely as we approach the Eid Al Fitr.

According to him, Libya has been constantly donating the Gambia within the framework of the existing cooperation between Libya and The Gambia adding that for the past few years this particular cargo plane have been coming to The Gambia.
Staff of the Libyan Embassy, Director and officials of the World Islamic Call Society, attended the ceremony at the airport.

Meanwhile, the Point was reliably informed that a similar gesture would be made in the next few days to Sudan, Burkina Faso, among others.

Assistance of this kind is a real indication and a sign of the commitment of the Libyan leader, Brother Maummar Gaddafi for an African integration.

Author: By Nfamara Jawneh & Malafi Badjie
Source: The Point