SK market fire victims get Nigeria High Commissioner sympathy

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
The Nigeria High Commissioner in The Gambia, Mrs Esther Audu John, has sympathised with the victims who lost their goods at an inferno that engulfed Serrekunda market in the wee hours of Saturday.

Mrs Esther Audu John, who visited the scene shortly after the disaster, told the waiting reporters that she was there on a solidarity visit with the fire victims some of whom lost all their goods in an inferno that claimed to ashes goods worth millions of dalasis. Sympathising with the victims for the loss of goods, Mrs Audu John urged the victims to bear the loss and work hard to put the disaster behind them.

She said life is full of ups and downs; that the victims should learn to cope with the challenges of life and that life is not always smooth. “ Sometimes it can be rough and when is rough you should not lose self control. It is then that we should even be stronger and come out better,” visibly shocked Mrs Audu John revealed.

She said she is happy that there was no loss of live, adding that so long as the victims are alive they will be able to recover from the disaster - that by God’s power they will rise above this tragedy and become even more prosperous.

Author: by Nanama Keita