Patients clean SK Hospital

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
At least 150 people, including 137 HIV/Aids patients currently admitted in the president’s treatment programme Saturday cleaned up the Serrekunda Health centre and its vicinity.

The patients were enjoined by some of the neighbours in the exercise that rejuvenated the outlook of the hospital and its environment, ahead of the rainy season.

Dr Tamsir Mbowe, the director general of the Presidential Medical Team and director of Health and Medical Services, led the patients in the exercise that last for several hours.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Observer, Dr Mbowe said the intense exercise was an expression of the physical well-being of the patients, as they were able to withstand and carry out tedious work that a healthy person could do.

He expressed satisfaction with the general improvement of the conditions of the patients, which according to him, accentuates the efficacy of the medication and effectiveness of the treatment programme.

“We are really happy with improvement of the patients and this has been shown in the amount of work that the patients could do. There has been a great improvement, as compared to before when they were newly admitted,” he said.

Dr Mbowe also elaborated on the importance of health and the maintenance of a healthy environment. According to the savvy Health and Medical director, the hospital must be completely freed of any activity that endangers health and the well-being of the people.

He said pathogens and diseases do not survive in an environment that is always kept clean and there urged the public to maintain a clean and healthy environment. “The cleaner our environment, the less chance for a disease to spread. People must take environmental cleanliness seriously, because that is key towards ensuring a disease-free society and improve on our national health indicators,” Dr Mbowe exphasised.

The Dublin trained gynecologist then thanked the patients and the neighbours for the “excellent job” and implored other Gambians to do more for the well-being of the people.

Author: by Ebrima Jaw Manneh