Wisdom Nursery holds graduation ceremony

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Wisdom Nursery School recently held their 2nd annual speech and prize giving ceremony in style and academic celebration at the school grounds in Serekunda Barthes.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Hon. Haddy Nyang Jagne the National Assembly member for Jeshwang, who is also the chosen mother of the school remarked that this school is of such importance and benefit to the area that its development is of utmost importance to the community.  

She also commended the school management for the academic excellence demonstrated by the kids which shown their level of dedication to school work.  Hon Njie further expressed her satisfaction with the great strides the school have achieved in early child development and pledged her continued support to the school. For his part, Alfusainey Jabbi, from the Department Of State for Education, stated that such events seek to promote education, particularly early child education which is a very crucial foundation in our strive for academic excellence. He noted that today a lot is being said about the quality of tutoring provided by nursery schools, this he said makes solidarity among parents, teachers and school heads to ensure that early child development effects the required attitudes and positive change in their children.

Mr Jabbi further called on parents to take up their social responsibilities of educating their children and inculcating the academic interest in them in their early stages.

Mr Morlai Camara, the principal of Brikama Methodist Academy, also praised the school management for the great job they have done for the school. He called on parents at the event to bring their children to Wisdom Nursery School, were they are sure to get the best in early childhood education for their children.

The graduation ceremony was made colourful and interesting by the school children who demonstrated their academic excellence through drama performances, poetry recitals, oratory demonstrations among many other items which has made the school a source of pride for the people around Serekunda Barthes.

Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the school Mr Komla Elliot managing director of   Banjul Oxygen and Hon. Haddy Nyang Njie, NAM for Jeshwang. Other important personalities who attended the ceremony were the chairperson of the Nigerian women association Mrs Fabeli, the headmistress of Nigerian nursery school Mrs Umo, the KMC nursery school inspector Mr Bala Musa Conteh and the social secretary of Edu tribe Mr Karim Owiyawe.

Author: by Ebrima Jatta