Seaview Coach Vows to Keep Team Spirit

Thursday, March 6, 2008
Today’s match between Seaview and Sait Matty contains all the optimism of the beginning of a fresh football league campaign, a chance for Seaview to forget what, until the recent increase in division one teams, saved them from relegation. Last season, the club experienced the deep pressures that come with struggling against relegation.

Of course, there will be real pressure from both sides, each wanting the other side to lose.

The loser will find it hard for the rest of the championship, as both sides lost their first match and are looking forward to their first win.
Realistically, Sait Matty are still apparent favorites for this particular match, but it remains a very big match. And for all the fine words emanating from the Sait Matty camp in recent days about tough battles ahead, they know they are expected to win with something to spare.

Seaview are aware that Sait Matty are one of the best-prepared sides in the championship.
Therein though lies the devil, therein lies the pitfall.

Sait Matty on the other hand have recalled in all conscience losing to Real and their fans, who are still wistful following that defeat, will be looking forward to a reversal.
But it might not be like that. It might not all come together. And the reasoning is simple: Seaview are also a fledging side. To see them train is something. They are a great team. There must be more realism at Sait Matty, surely.

Alagie Sarr, the head coach of Seaview vowed to keep his team’s spirit up. He stated he unfortunately lost his first match and this time around he is going all out for the three points.    

Author: By Abba A.S Gibba
Source: The Point