Triplets born at Baffrow clinic

Friday, October 17, 2008

In yet another interesting case in the country’s medical history, one Abie Jallow, a resident of Kerr Sering in the Western Region, on Tuesday, at 4:30am gave birth to three live babies after successfully underwent a major caesarean  operation at the Baffrow Family Medical Centre in Serrekunda. The triplets were identified as two girls and a boy, and were said to have completed the full forty weeks of pregnancy.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer, Dr Hassan Azadeh, senior medical consultant in Obstetric and Gynaecology at the Baffrow Medical Centre, expressed delight at the successful delivery of the babies, describing it as a rare incident.

According to Dr Azadeh, the mother of the triplets was diagnosed some forty weeks ago as an antenatal patient at their clinic. He added that during her pregnancy, she didn’t developed any complications.

Narrating the complicated nature of the operation, the Baffrow Medical Doctor noted that Mrs Jallow to their clinic at 4:30am in the morning.

“I was then informed and upon my arrival, I examined the patient, followed by the delivery of the first baby girl.  When I attempted to deliver the other two babies, I found out that the position of the babies in the mother’s womb had changed,” the gynaecologist said.  He added that the complicated nature of the situation neccesitated delivery by caesarean operation.

 Dr Azadeh, who has come across 28 cases of triplet births during his 32 years of medical service, confirmed to the Daily Observer that the mother and the babies are in good health.

According to the veteran gynaecologist,  statistics show that the phenomenon occurs in every 250 pregnancies.  According to him, most do not make it to the full time pregnancy stage due to some complications developed by their mothers.

He then described Mrs Jallow as lucky since most triplets fail to be delivered alive due to prematurity and other complications.  Dr Azadeh also lauded the mother’s bravery and commitment, saying that Mrs Abie Jallow had been a regular patient throughout her pregnancy.

Author: by Hatab Fadera