Rising Swedes Artist Concludes Visit to Smiling Coast

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A rising Swedes music sensation, Anna-Malin Andersdotter alias Salona, has concluded a weeklong visit to The Gambia during which she met some Gambian artistes to discuss ways of forging and cementing constructive and fruitful working bond.

Speaking to Entertainment shortly before her departure, Salona described her trip to the Smiling Coast of Africa as a thundering success, in that, it offered her the ‘unique’ opportunity to meet and associate with like-minded people to chart a way forward for long-term poverty-reducing projects in the impoverished tiny West African state. She said the visit also gave her the chance to discover Gambia, which was hitherto uncovered to her.

“Gambian people are hospitable people and are unique in their civility to guests. My stay in The Gambia offered me a romantic and an exhilarating experience, hence my resolution to return to the country in the near future to not only stage musical concerts but to also embark on projects. I want to be part of Gambia’s diverse but homogenous cultures as Africa is my homeland,” posited Salona.

She promised that she would strive with might and main to contribute to the promotion of the country’s budding music sector.

The promising Reggae star added: “One of the reasons for my visit to The Gambia is to infuse traditional music in modern Reggae and Hip-Hop among other strands of music. As a singer cum dancer with experience, I would use my ability to work towards the attainment of world peace, justice and development. I have plans to work with organizations to help me in actualizing my dreams of coming up with projects in Gambia.”

Source: The Point