Youth in Church Development

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Youth play a vital role in the life of a Church as they are the future of the church. Learning from the elderly stands out but youth contribution has been shinning and have always been flag bearers of particular churches. At St. CharlesLwangaChurch, the youth form the majority and have made their presence felt. One of such youths, Ellen C. Mendy commonly known as Brenda, she plays a vital role as a youth and had served on the previous executive of the youth group and serves as an Usher in the Church. She outlines her role and how she detests certain things. Read on and discover a vibrant Catholic youth.

Panorama: Can you tell me about yourself please?

Ellen C. M:I am Ellen C, Mendy commonly known as Brenda. I live at Abuko and attend the St. CharlesLwangaParishChurch. I am an active youth with great ambitions to pursue. I am a loveable person especially within our group. I associate with people, I go out with them. I have so many friends from school days to now. I have been the smallest in times past but now others are smaller than I do.

Panorama: What is your position in your youth group?

Ellen C. M:Well, I served as the Secretary to the youth group till the last election I am only a member there now. I am now a representative to the Diocesan Youth Council (DYC). My work as a Secretary was easy and not easy at the same time. We succeeded although our meetings were often quite difficult to get a quorum. We had challenges within us but we got good response from the parishioners. I would thank our members as most came for the functions we put up. If our membership was not strong then we could not be termed the best youth group of the diocese.

Panorama: What does your group do as a group?

Ellen C. M:We organise annual talent shows and it was a fashion show but we later changed it to dancing to cultural music, singing songs and answering questions on the faith. We wanted to deviate from the copyright songs and make our own songs this time. We couldn’t get our finances this year, some of our friends traveled but we are hopeful to still have it. We used to have it a week before Advent but now its 2nd to last week before Lent. This actually brings youth together as one.

Panorama: Is your group strong?

Ellen C. M: Our youth group is strong because we have our rules, with our executive we do it well. We have the faith, we crack jokes and we love one another. Within the group we are all one outside of it we are who we are. It’s the strongest parish group of the diocese. We had fallen before but we are very strong now.

Panorama: Would your age allow you some day to leave the youth group?

Ellen C. M:I am not in any other group and in the case where I over grow my age as a youth! “Well let my age tell that.”

Panorama: Do like the Catholic Church?

Ellen C. M:Yes I like it. It is personally ok with me in the Catholic Church. Sometime if I think about St. Charles what I was taught I see the parish priest changing things I feel otherwise.

Panorama: What would you like to be changed?

Ellen C. M:As a child we were taught to dress and go to Church and now people wear what they want. If ushers tend to stop then they will say the ushers to dress they say a lot. Talking to the parish priest about it he does not talk on it. Most of the people are older than even our parents would only push us and go. This is coupled with the long Mass. We see people leaving before time as Mass goes on. Father has to be very observant. The Easter was spectacular!  I admire St. Kizito’s Masses, short! Also too much money talk will drive older parents. Let the groups concern talk about money instead of the parish priest.

Panorama: What about the Self – Reliant Church?

Ellen C. M: I would not say much on self-reliant but too much money in organisations would spoil business.

Panorama: What about your Parish Council?

Ellen C. M: Issues are raised there but after small time it dies down. I think there is only one man running the council, its not fair.

Panorama: Personally, are you strong in Christ?

Ellen C. M: I am still struggling to meet Christ. I have a spiritual satisfaction in the Word because our Parish Priest Fr. Francis Eyo MSP is good. He does the explanation well and we like it despite it all.

Panorama: Any word of encouragement to your fellow Parishioners and youth and your parish priest?

Ellen C. M: They are respectable people! They should dress properly to worship our creator. We should all be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We should unite to embrace the alliance of unity and love the Word of God than ourselves.

      To the youth I would say they should remember “United we stand divided we fall.”It will help us to stand and do more with what is available.

       To my parish priest, I would encourage him to continue his good work but also to be mindful for the reduction of time for Mass. Announcements are enough from the lectors. Keep up the good work, Fr. Francis.

Panorama: I thank you for allowing me to interview you, you very pleasant to talk to.

Ellen C. M: Thanks, it is kind of you.

Author: Augustine Kanjia