women empowerment is development orientation

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Violence against women is, in a way, tied to society’s off-beam perception of the role of women in national development. We must be careful not to endorse that regrettable usual line of argument, blaming all the woes of women on the male counterparts – that perception of a case of male chauvinism.

Indeed, it is an undoubted fact that tremendous development towards freeing our women folks from the fetters of societal misconception has been achieved, and the world couldn’t have reached this commendable level of achievement without the indispensable contribution of some outstanding men (and some women of course). What is important to take note of is that the collective contribution of both the male and their female counterparts have strongly reaffirmed the belief that we can not do it in isolation.

It has taken just a few but dedicated men to make this historic realization, and, we are proud to say this, among these men is our own Gambian leader, Prof. Alhaji Yahya Jammeh. It is shown in his attitude towards them when it comes to distribution of resources for development; it is shown in his attitude when it comes to empowerment of key sectors of society.

From the word go prof. President Jammeh had identified and coined a place for the women folk of this country; and this has indeed paid dividend, as can be seen in the women of the Gambia today. Their demonstration of self-confidence and dedication is stronger today than ever. General awareness among them played quite a role in this. That hitherto absolute absence of awareness has been the absolute culprit of the fate of the women of the world. Enhancement of their know-how is the sure answer. This is what the rest of the world should learn from countries like The Gambia, as it will stem violence against them.

Author: DO