Whats On: Jolof man releases new album

Friday, March 20, 2009
Yusupha Ngum, alias Jollofman, has dropped his new album into the market.

The 8-track album entitled "Yaay Borom" comprises educative songs and entertainment and is exclusively sponsored by Gamcel, the nation’s  leading GSM providers. The album preaches love, unity and togetherness. The cassette is available in most recording studios in the country including the Kerewan Sounds, Sawallo Couture and Jakaranda. As part of the launching of the album, Korka Jallow, the manager for Jollofman, and his team visited the managing director of Daily Observer, Neneh Macduaoll-Gaye, at her office in Bakau and presented copies of the album to her.

The visit according to them, was meant to formally invite her to the launching of the album, which is slated for March 28. Korka Jallow, manager for Jollofman music, disclosed that they called on the Observer boss to show her their appreciation as she is the kind of person who always supports the young people in their ventures for  development. For her part, Ajaratou Neneh Macdoull Gaye accepted the invitation. She pledged her personal support of the development of the country’s music industry. She described music as another way of uniting people.

"No one man can take the nation forward, we have to come together and work collectively so that our country can move forward. This has always been the priority of our head of state. He always encourages young people to venture in self-help initiatives,” she said. She described music as a very important way of reaching out to young people.
Author: By Musa Ndow