Slam G Hot On Gambian Music Soon

Friday, March 13, 2009

It is event that The Gambian music is growing higher as Slam G gets on the spotlight. Slam G, is a crew that work as both musicians and DJs at a radio stations.

In a chat with this reporter recently at the Point’s newsroom, Omar Sowe, alias Omson J and Doudu Ngum alias Chatt Blazer both said they are not only playing Gambian music but also putting it into the hearts of the people to be proud of their own local musicians. The two DJs expressed optimism that this will help bring more people on board to support Gambian music.

According to the noted DJs, they play African reggae music, dancehall, Hip-hop and Ndaga, which leads to international music.

They revealed that since 2000 they have been producing what they call real Gambian culture. They promised to start producing full time albums soon. The two Gambian DJs thanked Mr Lamin Manga, the proprietor of Unique FM Radio, for supporting Gambian artist, taking themselves as examples.

The DJs organise show on every Tuesday from to at Unique FM Radio.

Author: Njie Baldeh