Gambian community in UK presents best player trophy

Monday, January 5, 2009
The Gambian community based in Birmingham, England, has offered to sponsor the Best Player Trophy of the  Muhammed Yahya Jammeh Perpetual Zonal Football Championships.

The community, which has Ansumana Barrow as the president, yesterday sent in a giant trophy to be awarded to the prospective best player of the competition, which is at its final stage.

The community said the move is their own way of complementing the efforts of the sports-loving Gambian leader, Professor Alhajie Dr Yahya Jammeh, who is also the sole sponsor of the annual event.

Seedy Kinteh, the president of the Gambia Football Association, who received the trophy, thanked the overseas community for the gesture. He tasked other Gambians living in the diaspora to emulate the gesture noting that the development of sports requires collective efforts.

Author: By Nanama Keita