Elite referees back to School

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
A training seminar for African referees was held in Algiers Algeria from the 16th to 21st December 2008.

The training regrouped some 44 men in black and their assistants. The meeting of the top referees on the continent was supervised by the CAF referees commission and FIFA instructors. This special meeting was organised in Algeria ahead of  the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and World Cup to be organised for the first time in Africa. 

According to Rachid Medjiba CAF Technical Coordinator and Representative for the North Africa zone, ‘the Objective of organising the seminar is to regroup the elite of the referee corps on the eve of the 2010 World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations. The two events requires the best of African referees and those at the top of the art’’ ‘During their stay in Algeria, the 44 referees benefited from the rich experience of the five instructors who were assigned to handle the programme.

The instructors ditched out new officiating methods and taught them amendments introduced during the last general assembly of the international board. The organiser’s emphasized physical training and the technical aspect,’ said Rachid Medjiba.
Author: Nanama Keita