Bravo Lamin Manga

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Allow me space in your noble newspaper to thank the proprietor of Unique FM, Lamin Manga. This is my first time to contribute to your newspaper. I guess I am tickled by his contribution towards the development of this country.

You have shown us, the Gambian people, how patriotic you are.  First, by opening a radio station where you educate, entertain and create awareness. Secondly, you have opened the first online radio station in The Gambia to be broadcasting not only across the length and breadth of the country but also to the whole world.

Unique FM has filled those gaps that other stations cannot and will never fill. Thank you so much.  May your dreams of Unique-FM becoming one of the biggest radio stations in the world come true. You are my hero, my role model. Bravo Lamin Manga, bravo Unique FM.

Author: Jojo Ngum,Bundung,