24 year-old in Need of Overseas Treatment

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Habibou Sallah, a 24 year-old living in Bundung, is currently seeking the financial assistance of donors, Ngo’s government and philanthropists to travel overseas for medical treatment. According to the medical report issued by the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, the boy is a known sickle cell patient since April 2000. He fractured his left femur in an accident and developed chronic oesteomyelitis of the left femur and left clavicle. He has been to Dakar for treatment and his left femur was operated on but the discharge continues.

He also has avascular necrosis of the head of his left femur secondary to his sickle cell disease. The report states, “we as a board have agreed that he will benefit from overseas treatment for the avascular necrosis of the head of the femur which will need surgical treatment as well as the chronic oesteomylisis which can be followed up at the orthopedic clinic.”

The report also indicates that after examination it is clear that the young man is in urgent need of overseas treatment as the only means of restoring him to a normal life. He is suffering every day and his health is deteriorating all the time. Habibou is seeking help from anyone who is in a financial position to help him in his predicament. He can be contacted on 9325894.

Author: By Yerro Mballow & Malamin Conteh