Court gives ultimatum to Bokaloho

Thursday, May 15, 2008
The Bundung Magistrates’ Court, presided over by Senior Magistrate Kumba Sillah-Camara, has given an ultimatum to Bokaloho Skills Training Centre, ordering it to comply within seven days or risk eviction from their premises located in Abuko.

The order came in the awake of a civil suit filed by the plaintiffs, Nfamara Ceesay and Lamin Ceesay, for seven months (October-April) arrears been owed by the defendant. Magistrate Kumba Sillah Camara, in her ruling, which went in favour of the plaintiffs, said that judgement in favour of the plaintiffs had been entered as the defendant did not deny the claim of arrears, which stands at D50,000.

She therefore order that Bokaloho Skills Training Centre paid said amount on or before seven days or risk eviction from the said property. The plaintiffs were represented by Lawyer S Janneh.

Author: by Salifu M Touray & Yunus S Saliu