Abuko Sanchaba to Benefit From Street Standpipes

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At least 27 standpipes are to be installed in Abuko Sanchaba in the first phase of a new project.

Visiting the site while the work was in progress Alh. Modou Picka Jallow, a youth mobiliser, told The Point what the water project was initiated by a Belgian national by the name of John through an NGO called Gammol. According to him, Gammol sponsored a nursery school in the area and that it was through the school that the community would soon benefit from street standpipes.

He thanked and commended Gammol for their initiative and described water as a necessity.

For his part, the Head Teacher of the nursery school, Mr. Sheik Tijan Sowe, spoke at length on the importance of water in people’s daily lives. He further disclosed that the community in Abuko will benefit from 27 taps through the nursery school sponsored by the NGO Gammol.

According to him, there is already a water committee in place that will monitor the welfare of the taps in the area.

He thanked Mrs. Fatoumata Senghorr for being a pioneer of the link. He also thanked the youth of the area for their active role in digging the furrows for the pipes.

Alh. Yayah Bayo, a community elder, welcomed the initiative adding that Gammol promised to provide all the materials to ensure that water flowed at every junction. He also thanked young people for their contribution.

Mrs. Mamy Badjan thanked Gammol for their laudable gesture, adding that people have suffered a lot as a result of bad water. She commended the women for taking an active part in the digging process.

Author: By Abdou Rahman Sallah
Source: The Point