“Quality Education is Fundamental to Success” Abuko Principal

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mr. Birau Jagne, the Principal of Abuko Upper Basic School in Region One has called on teachers and students in his school to redouble their efforts to enhance the building capacity for quality assurance of the new 2011-2015 education policy. He noted that quality education is the key to the development of any nation. He made these remarks recently in his school during an assembly of teachers and students.

Addressing the assembly, Mr. Birau Jagne emphasised the need for all hands to be on deck when it comes to the education sector in this country, understanding that the Government cannot do everything alone. He added that the Government has built many schools, provided many scholarships and trained many teachers already to build a good, responsive education system but more is obviously needed.

Mr. Jagne commended those in his school for their hard work, saying, “There is a high degree of discipline and commitment among students and there is mutual respect between staff and students, thanks to everyone’s dedication and diligence.”  He rated his school as one of the best in The Gambia, saying that it doesn’t lag behind in either academic excellence or sporting activities. “This is all because there is a spirit of hard work between teachers and students,” he outlined.

In his conclusion he reiterated his call for teachers to continue on with intensive efforts to achieve brilliance and encourage students into serious academic work.

He thanked his teachers profusely once again in completion of his speech.

Author: By Yerro Mballow
Source: The Point